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lundi, janvier 09, 2012

"In the year twenny five thurty five ..."
A quick wheeze through who/what of this day

On this day

1861 – The "Star of the West" incident occurs near Charleston, South Carolina
It is considered by some historians to be the "First Shots of the American Civil War"

1913 - (Born) Richard Nixon, 37th President of the United States
1978 – (Born) Gennaro Gattuso, Italian footballer

1848- (Died) Caroline Herschel, German-born astronomer (b. 1750)
1873 -(Died) Napoleon III of France (b. 1808)

19xx - Me was born :-/

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lundi, janvier 02, 2012

The line is drawn, the curse is cast ...

Another year gone, another year to come

More downs than ups, i have to say, but i'm feeling surprisingly positive given the period

The fag-ash coloured whippet of gloom has yet to snaffle at my dainty dancing heels this holiday season.

I'm pretty much resigned to quitting my job (i could rightly cite constructive dismissal !)

But, never the less, have had a few interviews in the last quarter.

The biggest sticking points have been money
'We" couldn't possibly afford to pay you

And ...

Age !!!

Foly huckin tish
I've become a 'senior'

The big four 'oh' is a tappin' at the frosted window of snuggliness
and i'm being told
that i'm


too o.l.d for the job !!!

P'ting, mais c'est craignos quoi :/

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mercredi, septembre 07, 2011

like raii-aiin on yer wedding day

I was having a bit of a (very) guarded chit-chat with Fluffy as to how i'd been in contact with an ancient client of ours, when one of our training managers popped his head around the door to say hello

As an offside, i just kind of mentioned to him that company 'X' was more than likely to be 'back on the books' as we say, and that he should be/would be/ought to be pretty much into being associated with our thang ...

'That's just soo ironic, when i first came to France they were just pulling out' came his reply

Ehh Quoi ? Kesispass ?

It transpires, that me be being willingly, concsiously unaware of what's going on, had just discovered that the guy has called it quits - he's going back home to blighty !!

WuckmeFackwards and stone the crows

We've just lost someone with a wealth of knowledge and experience

A huge blow to all of us

and Fluffy
a flying
what an absolute arsehole

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lundi, juin 20, 2011

Ahhh am a maaaaaaan of constant sorrow ...

Boy, am i in a spot of bother

Fluffy, in a pique of unusual managerness (or spite)
decided that he'd send me a mail
to 'highten my awareness and bring my attention to ...'
bad debts from about three years ago

Unfortunately for me,
the words 'procedure' and 'non compliance with '
were all used in the same sentance

Aaaand, to make things worser
being that Fluffy is still in ass covering manager mode
He included all of WorldCorp in copy ...

Now, i'm not that stoopid
and ok, it's not cool to, y'know,
lose 2K€ for you company
over a five year period

But it is part and parcel of the job,
it's one of the risks that you do have to face
and it will happen

Whatever :
i had a visit from Fluffy's boss ...

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mardi, mai 17, 2011

... do we call music notes "do", "ré", "mi" etc ?

The notation "do, ré, mi, fa, sol, la, si" was created in the 1th century by an italian monk and was inspired by latin religious chanting :

Ut queant laxis
Resonare fibris
Mira gestorum
Famuli tuorum,
Solve polluti
Labii reatum,
Sancte Ioannes

The "ut", difficult to sing, was remplaced by "do" in the 17th century

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lundi, mai 16, 2011

... better start swimmin' or you'll sink like a stone ...

What with the lights going on at 21h51 precisely, i've become increasingly aware, that after what had felt like an arctic winter, the days are at last becoming longer

The plants and herbs have been succesfully re-potted and right now, i'm thinking of buying some tomato plants from the local agricultural market ... we'll see

As for Fluffy, Marge, the StickInsect, The Whale aaaand introducing *Judicata* i'm done with them all

Upon the insistance of Fluffy for us all to devote a maximum of our 'free time' to prospect for new clients, i've had to go up before 'The Comission' to argue the fact that hunting for new clients is a pretty aimless affair if we can't at least use Gogol (as we say here) to check out company websites

A longtime ago, ever since our trainee, Fabio, decided that our home pages would open up on bestialitydotcom (no joke !) Worldcorp decided that we were all a bunch of slimy reprobates and filthy pornophiles - internet connection was therefore verbotten for all and sundry

As from this morning, i've been happily surfing company websites, during worktime, scrutinising job offers ..

Hey !!

Don't throw bricks and stones - i work in profesionnal training service company, i need to know what potential clients might need :)

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mardi, février 22, 2011

Pourquoi ...

...dit-on que mettre le pain à l'envers porte malheur ?

Au Moyen Âge, le jour des exécutions publiques, le boulanger réservait un pain pour le bourreau.

Il posait ce pain à l'envers pour être sûr de ne pas le vendre à un autre.

Tout le monde savait que ce pain était celui du bourreau, et personne n'y touchait.

Voilaaaaa !!!

Merci Balaj :@)

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